I can adapt my coaching to your needs: we can meet in person and/or online, according to your needs and location.


Diversity is part of life and society and sometimes it can be hard to deal with different characters and approaches.

Do you manage an intercultural team or do you have a hard time establishing healthy relationships with your colleagues or family member? Conflicts management technics can help you deal with contrasts and find your emotional balance, to protect yourself first, and achieve the desired result. In the workplace or in our private lives, those techniques can be the key to success!


Life is an amazing mosaic, made of beautiful and different pieces. Being an artist nowadays, means to find the right balance among all components: work, family, and private life.

Being successful does not mean to work 24/7.

On the contrary, a good life balance is crucial to be performant at work and satisfied at home.

As a freelance professional, I can share with you my experience and the strategies I have developed to find the healthy balance in life and enjoy every single aspect of it.


We all experience stress issues in our life: it is a reacting mechanism of our body, and it is good when we have to react to sudden situations.

We will tackle the so-called "bad stress", the one that becomes chronic and persistent. We will identify the causes and possible solutions, so to reach a new and better life balance.

​Public speaking: as a trained conference interpreter, I can help you learn public speaking techniques and how to interact in official meetings and presentations.